What We’ve Learned From 15 Customer Success Leaders

Sagar Shukla, Co-Founder of Foresight

Here’s how they are responding to the macroeconomic shifts happening in the market: Client Success and Account Management is becoming a key revenue driver for companies The impact of churn could not be higher Leaders are getting creative about to how scale successful outcomes without scaling headcount Want to learn more about what we are […]

What We’ve Learned from Sales Leaders Pt. II

Sagar Shukla, Co-Founder of Foresight

Every sales process is a marathon. What happens when you get a head start? You win faster. We’ve talked to 9 sales leaders over the last two weeks . . . What are they doing to get a head start in every sales meeting? Getting a single data point from their prospect before the meeting […]

What We’ve Learned from 7 Sales Leaders

Sagar Shukla, Co-Founder of Foresight

We’ve talked to 7 of your peers over the last week about impacts of market shifts. Here’s what they are saying: Deals are getting paused because CEOs are stepping in to slash tech purchase budgets SDRs and AEs are spending too much effort chasing prospects with no real buying intent As a result sales cycles […]

Reducing Sales Cycle Length – Tai Huynh, Co-Founder & CEO of Acta Solutions

Tai Huynh, Co-Founder & CEO of Acta Solutions

How can you reduce sales cycle length? This is top of mind for our clients in today’s economic environment. Selling into verticals like government takes a long time, due to aligning numerous stakeholders across a complex organization. Tai shares his experience adopting Foresight at Acta Solutions. Here’s what he has to say: “We are using […]

Customer Success: Doing More with Fewer Resources

Person using laptop

Feel like you are constantly behind? Lying in bed stressing about that client you haven’t spoken to since 2021 who renews next month? Been hearing about the “new hires coming” for eternity? If you are or have been in a B2B SaaS post-sales role then please accept my apologies for the PTSD the above might […]

Decusoft selects Foresight to power a value-based sales strategy

Foresight + Decusoft

August 3rd, 2022 Decusoft, a Ramsey, NJ based compensation management SaaS solution, has selected Foresight to power its value-based sales process. The firm will leverage Foresight to systematically educate their audience on what can be supported through their offering, identify the unique needs of a given prospect, and build a data-driven understanding of the ever-evolving […]

In Their Own Words: How Guardian Angel Leverages Foresight for New Sales

Guardian Angel logo

When Guardian Angel first heard of Foresight, they were growing quickly and eager to capitalize on the momentum. Balancing a quickly growing client base, a growing team, and ever-increasing targets, they knew that additional support was needed to continue scaling the business as they knew was possible. We spoke with Dylan Burke, Head of Charity […]

How to Push that New Product / Feature

New product feature

So product just launched an amazing new piece of functionality or – even better – a brand new module. Now what? For Account Managers / Client Success Managers, this is great on paper but in reality can create a huge challenge – and opportunity for disappointment. While leadership is likely thrilled that a big R&D […]