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Closing Deals Faster – Dylan Burke, Head of Charity Partnerships at Guardian Angel

Your prospect has to realize they have a problem . . . How do you get them to do that?

Provide your prospect a framework to self-reflect on their business . . . which includes key business needs your offering supports.

Ask them to spend 5 minutes to do self-reflection prior to your call (e.g., adding value before the meeting even begins).

Connect their unique pain points to your value props, and use that to drive the call.

What are ACTUAL prospects who submit a Value Assessment saying?

“This was very thought provoking.”
“It really made you think!”
“Very user friendly and easy to use.”
“Good idea – not seen this before with any other vendors who’ve tried to sell me something.”
“Good system – I liked completing this before our call!”

Sales leaders like Dylan Burke at Guardian Angel are leveraging Foresight to run this process every day.

They are able to —

“Drive deals and urgency . . . we can shine lights on what these problems are, why they need fixing, and why now.”

Want to add value before you even get on a prospect call? Let us do a little inception on you:

Try an Assessment

See the Value
Assessment in Action

Our dynamic assessments are designed to identify trends and opportunities that continually delight your buyers.


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