Innovation Begins With a Big Idea

And ours was simple. After years of working on Sales and Customer Success teams, we personally experienced the pains of siloed knowledge of buyer needs across Sales and Customer Success teams. We built Foresight to create a highly effective, user-friendly bridge between Sales and Customer Success. The big idea turned into a home run for our partners as they closed deals faster, reduced churn, and grew accounts with the powerful data and insights delivered from the assessment and reporting infrastructure.

Foresight team
User-Friendly Interface - A feature of Foresight


Quick implementation and a low learning curve requires very little training to take action and engage with customers.

See high response rates with Foresight

High Response

A tried-and-true way to gather feedback with up to a 90%
response rate!

Foresight data


Gather powerful customer and market insights for use across all areas of your business.

Our Core Values

We Treat Our Partners Like Family

Transparency - A core value of Foresight


We believe that open, candid discussion is a cornerstone to successful endeavors and fulfilling relationships: internally within our organization, in communication with our clients and our market, and for our clients as they engage their market.

Intention - A core value of Foresight


We believe that knowing and understanding the larger goal is critical to deciding on the best actions.

Excellence - A core value of Foresight


We believe in aiming for the best in everything we do.

Empowerment - A core value of Foresight


We believe in giving everyone the tools, knowledge, and support to make the biggest impact possible.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Nigel Hammond



Sagar Shukla



Meet Our Advisors

Joe Maxwell

Managing Partner

FINTOP Capital

Rick Kushel

General Partner

FINTOP Capital

Julia Polk

Executive Advisor

Decode Health

Foresight team

Our Team

We pride ourselves in hiring the best and brightest. From internal operations to developing and implementation, every employee is valued for the work they do to drive results for every partner we serve.

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