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Our Origins

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Foresight was founded on the belief that value is the single biggest driver in B2B selling today. No matter the industry, an organization’s ability to effectively identify and communicate the value their buyers stand to realize is what separates the winners from the losers. When done well, growth potential is endless. When done poorly, the delicate fabric keeping a scaling SaaS business intact begins to fall apart.

This was our founding team’s experience each and every day scaling multiple B2B SaaS companies. We’ve see the story play out from numerous vantage points: being an entry-level hire across SDR and implementation / client success roles, all the way to running global Solutions Engineering teams and Account Management.

Throughout our experiences we relied heavily on CRM for meaningful pipeline reporting and forecasting. However, our CRM systems alone failed to directly fuel revenue efforts because they had no ability to systematically capture value. What unique needs and paint points did our buyers have? How did our solution support them? Why were our buyers  actually purchasing? Without this intelligence on a contact or company basis, we fell into the trap of reactivity because we leveraged ad-hoc anecdotes rather than embedded systems to communicate value.

This had grave consequences for our performance. We were losing very winnable deals, extending sales cycles unnecessarily, and giving away too many discounts. All because we didn’t have value intelligence embedded throughout our entire sales process.

Furthermore, this created friction internally. Our inboxes and Slack were an endless stream of sales reps, new hires, marketing and product wanting to tap into the knowledge we had built through significant time in the client facing trenches. A non-stop rotation of: “Do we have any clients who use our product for X?”, “What are best practices for a company like Y?”, “How does client Z get the most value from our platform?”, or “What will a Head of Marketing care about most?” The entire company was functioning at a fraction of our true potential because we lacked organization-wide institutional value intelligence, not to mention the strain this placed on individuals.

Additionally, the inherent inability to scale individual expertise created a tremendous key-person risk. What if someone did actually get “hit by a bus”? What if a critical resource needed to take a mental health break and had to go off the grid for a few weeks? In either of those cases we absolutely were not downloading their expertise. While we loved relying on our fantastic team members, we didn’t not have systems to fall back on in case those team members were not available. In today’s connected world, it was no longer an excuse for deals to be at risk because our team needs a break, or if someone decides to move to another opportunity.

That’s why we started Foresight.

Foresight is the better way to sell B2B. Our Embedded Discovery™ platform empowers SDRs /BDRs AEs, SEs / VEs, Sales / Rev Ops, and Leadership to systematically identify, communicate, and defend the value of their solutions to buyers and across internal functions.

Our first-of-its-kind platform equips organizations with value intelligence to know what a prospect’s needs are before the very first touchpoint. We then instantly transform those insights into beautiful market-facing collateral to help your buyers sell up the chain. The end result? Drastically reduce friction in the buying process and accelerate momentum that closes winnable deals faster with no discounts.

Additionally, the organizational benefits of gaining Foresight are invaluable. We hearing people saying everyday that they can now:

  • Ensure “BDR equity” by having each rep (no matter their experience or expertise) rely on embedded systems to drive discovery rather than anecdotal knowledge
  • Maximize market learnings from every every sales process to build institutional knowledge from each buyer, enabling personalized value propositions to every segment
  • Unlock cross-functional alignment by having Marketing, Sales, and Product teams leverage the same insights coming from the buyers across all markets

In future posts we will be digging deeper into what we do, why we do it, and how Embedded Discovery™ is fundamentally changing the way software companies operate. Reach out today to learn more and start selling better.

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