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We help Sales, Customer Success, and Account Management teams retain and expand every account.

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Unlock revenue opportunities with Foresight

Unlock Revenue Opportunities

Clients that complete assessments are 70% more likely to EXPAND
Accelerate the sales cycle with Foresight

Win Every Renewal and Upsell

Avoid churn and uncover opportunities to add more value to your clients with direct input from your users.

Engage your stakeholders with Foresight

Proactively Engage Stakeholders

Don’t rush to build a relationship ahead of renewal. Engage your users as soon as they become a client. 

Paint a Clear Picture of Customer Value

Up to 90% response rate for current clients
Client team meeting
Foresight helps you paint a clear picture of customer health
Manage effective QBRs with Foresight

Manage Effective QBRs

Review the relationship and set actionable objectives that drive sustainable Customer Success.

Minimize churn with Foresight

Minimize Churn

Get clear visibility and address issues head-on with proactive customer feedback and reporting insights.

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Listen to Your Market and Focus Where It Matters Most

See the Value
Realization Plan in Action

Our next level “mutual success plan” quantifies the value your customers get and recommends revenue actions reps should take.

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Connect Directly to Your CRM

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Own Every Aspect of the Customer Journey

Sales lead qualification is a use case of Foresight

Sales Lead

Know which leads have the highest likelihood to close before your first meeting and get a head start in every sales motion. Leadership will be drooling over the revenue spikes generated.

Client success health scoring is a use case of Foresight

Client Success Health Scoring

Know exactly how your clients perceive you and leverage those insights to build a strategy for retention and growth. With a clear picture of health, you can reduce churn and increase lifetime value.

Market insights are a use case of Foresight


Your customers have unique perspectives into shifting market landscapes. With consistent feedback and data, identify invisible trends and opportunities occurring within your market sector.

Foresight allows you to do account-based marketing

Account-Based Marketing

You’ve already made the sale—what will you do next? Every customer matters and recognizing upsell and cross-sell opportunities within individual accounts can quickly grow your bottom line.

Quarterly business reviews are a use case of Foresight

Quarterly Business Reviews

Consistent engagement is critical for evolving relationships. Your customers are always facing new challenges and a regular review ensures their most pressing issues are proactively met with solutions.

Speed Up Onboarding and Training of New SDRs is a use case of Foresight

Speed Up
Onboarding and Training of New SDRs

Foresight is nimble and has no learning curve. Plus, the insights collected are a perfect way to get SDRs quickly up to speed on your customers’ needs and solutions.


Why Foresight?

Take the Path of Least Resistance to Sustainable Revenue

Foresight is Built for B2B SaaS Revenue Teams

Built for B2B SaaS Revenue Teams

Made to drive relationships and positive outcomes for SaaS sales and Customer Success teams.

Foresight is Truly Simple to Implement

Truly Simple to Implement

Put Foresight into action with painless and quick implementation and onboarding.

Foresight provides White-Glove Service & Dedicated Rep

White-Glove Service & Dedicated Rep

We help you through every step of setup and implementation, providing playbooks and insights to get the best response.

Get Started in
3 Simple Steps

Build a Value Assessment with Foresight


Realize value immediately and get your company up and running with client-ready Value Assessments in under 90 minutes.

Seamlessly incorporate Foresight into your customer journey


With minimal change to your workflow, we establish an engagement and deployment strategy to seamlessly incorporate Foresight into your customer journey.

Grow your business with Foresight


We train your team, monitor performance and optimize as needed to deliver the visibility you need to succeed.

More Revenue, Faster, with Fewer Resources

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